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I should i get 5 or 6 speed manual am debating going 6-speed manual over the 8 speed. 5, the auto became the version to have if you wanted the more powerful version of the 6. I have noticed I rarely use the 5th gear unless accelerating. That’s the MAIN difference. Top 10 Cars with a 6-Speed Manual By Brent Dunn While an automatic transmission is often smooth and convenient, there are times when you just want to be in control and do things for yourself. Momolos says: J at 12:03 pm. The gear locations will be clearly marked on most stick shift vehicles.

Last year I picked up a 50,000 km trans from an 05 Vibe GT for about 0 cdn from a wrecker. Also, the sixth forward gear allows highway cruising without making the engine work so hard. This six-speed manual has two overdrives, so cruising at 60 mph in 6th saves about 380 engine rpm compared to 5th, and there is a paucity of acceleration at that pace. Luckily, my GS has the 7-speed manual, as I would never buy a sports car with an auto.

3-liter four-cylinder with a 6-speed manual gearbox. CVT transmissions, manumatics, and conventional 4 or 5-speed automatic transmissions allow for some excellent acceleration, there is still usually a substantial difference in 0-60 times between these types of automatics and a 5 or 6-speed manual transmission. The six-speed manual is available on the midrange Sport trim with either the turbocharged 1. I really like the look of the RT Classic. is a prerunner model). Canadian consumers can get the 6-speed manual gearbox in two models, the base 2. I can get around in a manual, but I haven&39;t driven one much at all. In the end he had a 6 speed tranny that would save some gas money but he would have to double clutch into every gear.

Yeah, was more saying pro of 6 spd being durability and performance, 5 spd being one less shift. A 6 speed can be done, in face it has been done. Is the only advantage the extra gear, or are the gears actually larger/stronger? The Shelby GT350 features a 526-horsepower 5. The gear ratios are usually closer together in a 6-speed gearbox than in a 5-speed for the same vehicle. 3 out of 5 stars. Most of your custom built race cars, rebuilds and street rods use 5 or 6 speed transmissions but they also cost around ,000.

Traditionally, six-speed manual units have been reserved for high-performance cars. But I&39;m 54, have a physical (and dangerous) job and by the end of the work day (which is often 13 hours), I&39;ve had enough of shifting anything. 5 speed manual vs. I&39;ve got a 6-speed in my formerly 5-speed Vibe. My wife&39;s car shifts super fast, has lots of power, and the engine never falls out of the powerband. 2 liter turbo 4 Saab with a 5-speed auto gets better fuel mileage in town and on the highway than my 2700 BMW Z3 with a 220 hp normally aspirated 3 liter 6 cylinder and a 5 speed manual, same driver, same driving style.

Weight savings for you performance-minded folk isn’t a factor, either. I have a R/T 6 speed (5. 0-liter inline-four as a no-cost option. I really like the 8 speed on my Charger and I get some amazing performance out of it but I also like the act of driving. 4L Dart, but in the end, it&39;s 1. 70:1 in 5 speeds and so is 6ths in most 6 speeds unless you get some wierd setup where 5th is overdrive and 6th is.

With the base four-cylinder engine, the six-speed manual gets an EPA-estimated 23 mpg in mixed driving conditions. So all in all its like a twin turbo DSM, a pretty cool IDEA, but in the long run, not worth it at all. However, I love my 6 speed manual as well.

Mark is looking to purchase a used on, and has a question about which F-150 to get. it looks sporty =. An automatic Challenger Scat Pack weighs just 7. It might be about time to upgrade from my 06 cummins auto with 190000 miles to a new 14 or 15. I wouldn&39;t want a 6 speed simply because I don&39;t enjoy working the clutch and shift pedal 1 extra time every time I reach cruising speed. 0-liter V8 engine is also available. 5 pounds more than one with a manual: 4,239. Usually 6 Speed Cars are Manual but i could be wrong.

Again, choosing a Jeep transmission should still be primarily based on preference. Should Mark go with a 6-speed automatic or a new 10-speed automatic? It&39;s part of the reason the Accord has appeared on our. 7-Liter V-6 If you want a Bronco with three pedals, you&39;ll have to settle for the base turbo-four engine. Is the six speed actually stronger? That one has 5 and the other has 6. Does having 6 speeds really make that much of a difference. 0L MA5 MERCON®-V Automatic Transmission Fluid PN QT-5-QM Synchromesh MTF, Mercon V ATF, MaxLife ATF TR3650 Manual Transmission 5-speed TR6060 Manual Transmission 6-speed MT82 Getrag Manual Transmission 6-speed SLF PN XT-M5-QS, Spec WSS-M2C200-C Available from dealer.

7L) and my wife has a Chrysler 300 with the 8 speed (3. I don&39;t think I&39;ll need the durability of the 6 speed honestly. Heres what I have been doing in general. Honda even made a 5 speed with a hi-low shiftier (10 speeds total). Here&39;s Why Ford Isn&39;t Pairing the Bronco&39;s Seven-Speed Manual With Its 2. I dought a 6 speed would have made any difference. I get a kick out of my turbo 1.

you should try calling the person and if they beat around the bush and dont answer your question its probably manual. On the 5 speed it was 25, 60,90 (I I believe in 4th I would run out of horse power before I top it off) those numbers where the same on my dad 5 speed manual as well and they where different makes of cars My current 6 speed. My suggestion is to test drive and buy what feels right.

I am thinking of adding a Challenger to my collection. 5i Touring package ,195. Therefore, a “5-speed” transmission has five forward gear ratios. 25-30mph 3rd 35-45mph 4th 50-70+ mph. As one who doesn&39;t generally. While some modern automatic transmissions, i.

The difference I noticed between my older 5 speed and my 6 speed now is where the shift points on at red line. 5th is normally right around. We’re all for Saving the Manuals, but since the V-6 makes its peak torque at 4800 rpm, one must. 5i for ,995 and the 2. The fuel mileage hasn&39;t changed really but it does rev a bit higher on the highway. by rancher from many,la on Sun Octi recently traded my 04 dodge 3500 because of transmission problems had great service from it got 16-18mpg and 9-10mpg towing.

A 3 speed will have more distance between gear sets meaning you will stay in a gear longer. Do you mean a regular Auto or even a DCT? Intuition says yes because it&39;s paired with the v6 engine, however the rear end is the same unit regardless of engine selection (assuming the 4 cyl. These transmissions feature closer gear ratios than a five-speed manual unit, allowing the driver to stay within the engine&39;s ideal should i get 5 or 6 speed manual rpm range. Most newer cars now seem to be 6 speed manuals but I think that for most older cars like mine, 5 speed is common. 8 pounds versus 4,232. Many people cannot afford to buy a new truck. Extracting maximum beans from the V-6 engine is a chore using the six-speed manual transmission.

By, only one percent of all 2500 series and one percent of all 3500 model trucks were ordered with the Mercedes Benz-supplied G56 six-speed manual gearbox (pictured. All other Outback models come with the Continuously. Typical 5 speed manual gear shifter. I&39;m sure you aren&39;t going to.

Transmission was a perfect drop-in, no other changes needed. 6 speed manual strength. As long as the gears and bearings get a splash of oil now and then, the manual transmission can run upside down all day long if need be. First gear is typically located at the top left corner and the remaining four or five gears rotate from top to bottom, left to right. The most obvious difference between a 5-speed and a 6-speed manual transmission is the number of speeds: A 5-speed has five different gears and a 6-speed has six. Not really sure what gear I should be cruising in for the best MPG.

I think it&39;s a great transmission. See more videos for Should I Get 5 Or 6 Speed Manual. The Ford Mustang EcoBoost gets its power should i get 5 or 6 speed manual from a 310-horsepower turbocharged 2. I recently upgraded from an 5 speed v6 to a v6 6 speed. The owner had to take out ALL the syncros to SQUEEZE the extra gear in.

Probably and hour total road/parking lot time. In the ’80s, the five-speed was the rallying cry of the manual transmission crowd both from what was then the Doug Nash as well as the OEM. Common 5-speeds Until very recently, most consumer automobiles mass-produced with manual transmissions tended to be 5-speeds. In the real world, this should i get 5 or 6 speed manual means that my 3400 lb. I have never had a 6 speed and was wondering how you drive your manual? T5, T50D Manual Transmission 5-speed 4. Follow me on Instagram below My &39;09 Challenger is a 6-speed T6060 - because I think a muscle car should have a manual transmission (and no sunroof).

I sometimes wonder because my car ( Honda Civic) is only a 5 speed manual. Pros and Cons of Driving Stick Automatic transmissions rule the road in the U. Hey Fam, let me know if I should get the 10 speed Auto or the 6 speed manual transmission in my upcoming order for the all-new Ford Mustang this fall! Spectrum Spanning Pair of First-Gen Camaros. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts if the 6 speed manual with 660&39;lbs of torque gets better mileage than the 6 speed auto (68rfe) with 800&39;lbs of torque, both with the 3. Then, beginning with the release of the 68RFE six-speed automatic in ’07. If you’re searching for differences between 5 and 6 speed manual transmissions, you probably have some experience driving stick.

On steep hills the oil pickup on many automatics will starve for oil, halting forward movement. My 5 speed works perfect with a low RPM at 65-70 mph. You’re also in limited company – only about 10% of cars manufactured in in North America had manual transmissions.

Dropped it as it was useless. Firstly, “speed” in reference to a transmission, is typically a listing of how many forward gear ratios the transmission has. The Camaro&39;s automatic transmission, on the other hand, has eight speeds and is. Most cars with manual transmissions have a gear shifter in the middle of the passenger and driver seats. The most obvious difference between a 5-speed and a 6-speed manual transmission is the number of speeds: A 5-speed has five different gears and a 6-speed has six.

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Should i get 5 or 6 speed manual

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Should i get 5 or 6 speed manual